Stride - A unified social media stream

STRIDE | UX | 2018

Stride is a “simplistic” iOS app built by our team at Mutual Mobile as part of a hackathon. It is a unified stream of social media content (from facebook and twitter ) of a particular brand or a celebrity. It delivers the updates with no distractions in real time and all in one place.


We resort to social media to get our daily dose of news, updates from our favorite brands or celebrities apart from our friends. However, we get distracted by various other news which wastes a lot of our time. Also, we might have to check multiple apps to grasp complete information.

My Role

As a part of hackathon team, I was the product owner, interaction and visual designer. Spandana my colleague, was the iOS developer. We could achieve to plugin twitter and facebook apps and create a stream within 24 hours.


Stride is a unified stream of information from multiple sources of our favorite brand or celebrity. It presents a distraction-free environment to access all information like text, images, and videos without going to multiple apps.


Our ideal user is a Y generation person, who is a working individual. She doesn’t want to spend too much time on facebook or twitter but wants to catch up on what is new and happening.


We wanted to restrict the number of brands/celebrities our user can follow, as following too many people will defeat the whole purpose. Also, we wanted to make application very simple and usable. The user should be able to find the brands or celebrities original profile and not get drowned with all the duplicate ones.


After quick brainstorming and discussions, I came up with a basic workflow consisting of 6 steps

1. Login and plugging in social media apps
2. Searching for brand or celebrities
3. Following
4. Reached limit and unfollowing
5. Accessing feed
6. Unplugging

Conversational Interface

After discussing the flow with my team, I started working on the visual design part. I was clear in my mind that this application is going to be simple and as minimal as possible. I maintained a white theme for the app without using many colors. The search bars are simple and large. The interaction is more like a conversation ( this was much before the advent of conversational UI 🙂 )

Visual Design and Style Guides

Being an interaction designer, I never got a chance to work on the visual design and provide developers the assets at multiple resolutions. It was very exciting and I learned a lot. Although in school we never went to this detail and perfection. Finally, we could complete the app and even launched on the app store. It was an enriching experience to work closely with the developers and playing the role of a product owner. I could make many decisions which I didn’t feel not only right but could justify in discussions with the team. It was great to think from the user perspective and no app is good till users love it and own it. We did test it with few users and collected feedback.


When dealing with media, we need to consider the download sizes, internet speeds for streaming etc. In the first iteration, we didn’t optimize for the speed. This was causing an unusual delay in loading the media. Also from the design perspective, I had to create placeholders and micro-interactions till the images or video is loaded.